The Importance of Digital Illustration for Online Bookmakers’ Site

Ever since the introduction of digital drawing and painting software and the coming of the age of the internet, people started leaning towards digital illustration and painting as opposed to regular drawing and painting. One of the reasons for that is availability as anyone with a computer could draw and paint, even more easily if they had access to a tablet – just like we will always more likely order a pizza online than go to the pizza store, or, when it comes to our hobbies, visit a site that offers the Magic Red Bonus Code rather than spending the whole day in a casino – it’s logical.

The other reason for migrating to digital art is money. There is money to be earned working as a graphic designer, digital illustration or digital artist, whatever you want to label it. Every site needs graphics, it is the first and foremost thing you spot once you load it.

The same rule applies to online bookmakers, casinos and even affiliate sites. Here is why they should focus on digital illustration on their sites:


Branding is a very important thing for any business, both online and offline. Your brand is what your customers will know you by and is something that is instantly recognizable once it gains ground. Having your brand designed by your sister’s cousin’s friend who happens to know a bit of graphic design is most likely a bad idea, one that will return to bite you back when you least expect it.

Hiring a good designer and making your site a pretty sight for visitors is required, a bare necessity in an almost savage online world where anything less than optimized and pretty is frowned upon, to say the least. If your site is lacking in the visual department, your visitor count and conversion rates will suffer.

The way this works for online bookmakers is that you lose customers which means losing a lot of potential financial gains. Online bookmakers can earn a lot, given the nature of the gambling world, which is why they need to shift focus to the visual side of their sites, while at the same time keeping it optimized. That way, your brand is not only a lovely sight to see but also one to remember and tell your friends about.

Your Site is a Guide

Think of your site as a guide. With bad illustrations and a bad design, you will make your customers and visitors stray from the path and most likely off your site. If your visuals are unappealing or confusing and your layout is straight up bad, you will end up confusing people and making them increase effort just to browse your site.

People tend to spend very little time on sites which are unappealing so you should guide them with a good layout and simple yet effective visuals. The results of various games should be clearly visible yet not intruding on pages which are relevant to the results themselves. Furthermore, the betting slip design should also be simple and clear so that your customer can focus on the betting and sport in mind rather than the technical details.

As you can see by now, with a good design and digital illustrations on your site, you can do a lot more than with a basic design which your friend’s friend cooked up in their spare time. Spending resources on better digital illustrations on their sites is an essential thing for bookmakers.

Make sure to check the portfolio of the person designing your site before it goes live and reap the benefits of great digital illustration.