Art in Online Casino Games – A Variety of Styles

Art in video games became important as soon as the hardware was able to support crisp and sharp 2D images and afterwards, 3D renders and nowadays things like volumetric lighting and ray tracing, a bit further down the line.

With online games such as casino games, having great-looking art is almost essential to having the game function properly and effectively. Everyone can play a simple slot machine game, yet even on the original slot machines, the real-world ones, art and different visual aspects were introduced quite a while ago, to spark the interest of new customers and encourage the already interested punters.

Here are some different approaches to online casino game art:


Bingo games are a bit different as there are many of them which are not played for real money although they do offer extra chips with in-game microtransactions. The designs vary by a lot and the real difference is in the way the bingo slips are portrayed, with each and every possible color and shape. One of the examples of casinos focusing on bingo is PlayBingo with their own PlayBingo bonus, which you can read more about on the link.

Actual casino games which are played for real money also feature different designs and they vary by thematic design. From deserts to race tracks and everything in between, bingo games can also take on a different approach to attract customers and the same goes for the next category, slots.


Slots are by far the most different in theme and style of any online casino game. They can take any shape and form and to name but a few, you can play in Egypt, searching for the book of the dead, take on the ring of power from Tolkien’s books, be a pirate and get your treasure, be a spacefarer or even a ghost hunter.

Anything is possible with slot machines and their art is really eye-catching and is the most essential part of any online slot machine game which aspires to attract customers.


Poker is an essential casino game, played everywhere. Online games of poker usually include a table and cards, but what about different styles?

Usually, you are faced with a green poker table top, sometimes red and simple graphics. Many poker games do not focus on the visuals yet there are outstanding performers which put you in a wild west style casino and a wooden table.

Exemplary games offer virtual reality poker and some of them look marvelous and are looking to push the online gaming industry forward.


Roulette is also simple when it comes to online games, a green, blue or teal top and a roulette wheel. Some games offer a shiny or glowing wheel and that is about it.

But, there are special cases in here too, and this one is a virtual reality game, again, where you play roulette in space with a robot serving as your dealer. This developer is quite literally aiming at pushing the industry forward.

Art plays an essential role in some online casino games while others can still rely on a simple design and offer functionality and the bare essentials.