Is digital painting easier than traditional painting?

If you’re looking to start painting digitally, here are some common questions that may help you understand what the process is like.

Digital painting is a substitute for traditional painting

While digital painting might seem like an easy alternative to traditional methods, it isn’t necessarily. Digital tools have some advantages over physical ones and they can make your life easier, but they also offer their own set of challenges that you need to be aware of before taking up the tool as your primary artistic medium.

Digital art is made possible by technology

Digital artwork is created with digital tools, and it’s a digital representation of the artist’s creative work. Unlike traditional art, which uses physical paints, brushes and canvases to create something beautiful and meaningful, digital creations can be altered easily. The user can change the colour palette or remove any unwanted elements from the picture if they decide they don’t fit with their vision.

Some people say you don’t need talent to create digital art

Maybe they have a point. The tools you use do not matter, and anyone can be a digital artist. If you learn how to use the tools and how to apply them, then it doesn’t matter if you are talented or not, because the tools will do all of the work for you! And then when someone likes your picture, then it doesn’t really matter what anybody else says about whether or not it looks good—because all that matters is that someone likes it!

Some artists believe that the tools they use do not matter

The reality is that some tools are better than others for digital painting. Pencils, brushes and even pens can be used to create digital paintings with ease. For example: if your goal is to draw a portrait of yourself using traditional media like pencils and paintbrushes then this will likely take time depending on how skilled an artist you are; however if your goal is to create an abstract piece of art using acrylic paint then the process becomes much faster because there are fewer variables involved in making such a piece (i.e., colour choices).

Digital artists look for originality

Traditional painting requires a lot of materials, such as paint and canvas. These materials can be expensive and can limit an artist’s work. Digital artists don’t face this restriction since they can use any photos or images they like in their work. It’s easier for them to experiment with new techniques and tools because they won’t have to worry about the cost of materials or the time it takes to finish a piece if something doesn’t go right. That is why digital art needs to be even more original than traditional art.


Digital painting has changed the way we think of a painter and painting. It is no longer just about putting paint on canvas. Digital artists use computers to create their art and they can even sell their digital paintings online.