6 Must-have Mobile Apps for Art Lovers

Art has marked every significant age in history; the specific style of art depended on the taste of the people at the time, as well as on the technology available. Now, we are fortunate enough to possess the technology that allows us to travel back in time and revisit any piece of art that we can desire – all with a little rectangle that fits into our pockets. We usually use our smartphones for entertainment – iGaming has become more and more popular in the past few years, and with websites like igaming-apps.com, people can easily choose the best app for their needs. You can do this anytime and at any place. However, if you are a true lover of art, here are some apps that you should give a try.


This all-round art app is good both for people who are getting interested in art, as well as for those who are very enthusiastic about it. It offers more than 250,000 works of art, detailed exhibitions, and connects you with international galleries so you can locate and purchase whatever you like, all from your phone.


This app, also known as the Encyclopedia of Fine Art, provides its users with an enormous database of fine art. On it, you can find over 2,000 artists and almost 120,000 works of art coming from all around the world. You can either search for a specific piece of art or casually browse artists. WikiArt is a must-have if you are an art enthusiast.

Musée du Louvre

This is the official app of the Louvre museum, which offers its users beautiful high-resolution pictures of well-known masterpieces, as well as information about their latest exhibitions, or the history of the museum. If you have favorites among the pieces found there, you can download the pictures and use them in any way you like. Regardless of whether you are planning to visit the Louvre in the near future or not, there is no reason why you should not install the app and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Just like the previous app, this one gives you a virtual art museum tour. You can explore the Museum of Modern Art in New York, view different collections that it has to offer and even save your favorite works of art in a digital collection of your own. You can share them with your friends, and be up to date on the latest exhibits in MoMA.

Art Set

Of course, not all apps on this list are intended for viewing and downloading art. Inspiration may strike anywhere and at any time. But what about those art enthusiasts who very often get inspired, without their kit by their side? If you are one of those people, this app is just the thing for you. You can find different paints, colors, pastels, pens and pencils, blending tools, and anything that you might need to turn your sketch into something more.


Not all works of art require a canvas. If you seek to decorate your study, bedroom or living room with artwork, Finestra will allow you to choose from local artists, who offer their original artwork for you to put in your home. You can shrink the images to scale, rotate, and see the best way to fit it on your walls.