Watching Theatre Performances Online

Theatre has always been the place for enjoyment and relaxation. Over times, the theatre has grown into a prestigious way of entertainment available only for the few lucky ones who have the time and the money and who happen to be at the right place. Not everyone has the chance to enjoy Broadway musicals. Sometimes the reason is as simple as living in Asia or Europe or some other continent which is just a bit far from New York.

The modern age brought the movie industry. In the beginning, movies were available only in cinemas (movie theatres). However, with the development of modern technology, movies have become more available to the audience, firstly on television and, since recently, on the Internet as well. Really nowadays everything can be found online, from Online casino free spins in the UK to whatever comes to your mind! (Looking at you, NetflixEverywhere you are you can watch a movie you like.


Unfortunately, this was not the case with theatre performances until recently. The person had to book the ticket and reserve some free time to go and enjoy a theatre show. However, the times have changed. The modern technology and the Internet have continued developing and brought us the wonder of the digital age – the possibility to watch theatre performances online.


A theatre performance you like can be watched online on various websites, some of them being, BroadwayHD, Netflix or Amazon. The only thing you need is wi-fi, 90 minutes to spare and you can enjoy your favourite play. You do not have to set foot inside an auditorium, you have your own portable theatre.

In recent years, for example, Broadway plays and musicals have been preserve and streamed for the audience to watch at home. You are able to watch repeatedly the theatre plays and other productions with their original staging and cast. You only need to rent or buy the productions to watch on your PC, laptop, smart TV, tablet or even mobile phone if you want to, without even knowing the address of the theatre.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of watching theatre performances online, and only few will be mentioned in the article.

Watching a theatre performance live in the auditorium surrounded by other people brings the sense of collective engagement. However, watching a performance on screen from the comfort of your home brings advantages of not having to listen to other people rustling and coughing, whispering and snuffling over and over again.

In addition, although you miss the live performance of the actors, the camera-team compensates with close on moments of emotional intensity, that you relive.

Watching theatre plays online has its advantages and disadvantages. What we have to do is to embrace the advantages and enjoy the plays we like in the way most suitable for us.