Online Fun Art Games For Children And Adults

Art is an important part of our life. Since we were born, we have been surrounded by various types of art,  the music we hear, the colours of the walls and wallpapers, the paintings in the room. In addition, children, when young, express creativity, they play with paint and drawings. When young they draw and colour lines and shapes the meaning of which is familiar only to them and their siblings and friends.

However, some children do not develop the artistic sense while others become the art – lovers when adults. What happens that changes the artistic development of the child? Why have some adults developed the artistic sense while others have not? Does the explanation lie in the games they play while growing up? And can we change it in the way to enable all the children to become more creative and artistic? We can definitely try with online games and websites that provide us with fun art games for both children and adults.


Art Detective is an art-based puzzle for kids and grown-ups which can be found on the website Tate Britain. It is part of Tate Kids and Tate Young section which has 13 art games for kids, youngsters and adults. The Tate Young section has Saturation that is an art educational tool which can be used for better comprehension of the colours from 1950 to the present days.


The game Jackson Pollock was named after an American artist who combined the free flow of paint with pouring, dripping and flinging on a horizontal canvas. His painting style is very unique and specific and in the game you can splatter and spatter on your computer with a mouse, thus following his example. In the Flash Game, you can change the color with only one click and you can create wonderful patterns.


Spend time developing art skills with four art games in GettyGames. Games such as Detail Detective, Math Madness, Switch and Jigsaw Puzzles help you develop memory skills, attention to details, or spotting the differences. The games are based on the images from art and architecture thus familiarizing the players with the world of art.


This online exhibition called visually stimulates the viewers with paintings, animation or photography in combination with sound. This is not a game like other games, you need to turn off the lights and patiently visit one room at a time. The idea behind is to extend the boundaries of art.

Developing artistic sense is very difficult. It includes dedication and a variety of activities. The technology and the Internet brought us easily approached online games and websites which we can use and try to encourage art in us and our children.