Is There A Link Between Gambling And Creativity

Gambling or betting has always been a part of human society. It has been an important way of entertainment for years since its first appearance. Through gambling games, people would connect and new friendships would be made, while old ones would disappear. The feeling which appears during a gambling game after winning on, and for some even after losing, has been described as addictive. It is for that reason that some people describe gambling as another type of addiction.

However, being a type of addiction or just a good type of entertainment, it is noticed that only certain types of people decide to take on gambling. So, who are the people who succumb to gambling? Are people who gamble and bet more creative than others? Is there a link between creativity and gambling or isn’t there?

In the following article, the answer to the question whether there is a link between gambling and creativity or not will be explored.


Gambling as it said before is a type of entertainment, however, not everybody turns to gambling for being entertained. Some people choose reading books, watching movies, hiking, traveling, some drugs and alcohol, and many other things available for entertainment. Nevertheless, the question that remains is what kind of people decide to gamble to entertain themselves.

Some scientists believe that 40% (forty percent) of people who gamble share some genetic predispositions for reward-seeking and even impulsivity. People who gamble tend to big thrills in the first place, which is why they turn to gambling.


2005 German research states that people who gamble when winning have lower electrical activity in a key region of the reward system in the brain. Research in 2003 at Yale University as well as research in a 2012 study at the University of Amsterdam reached the same conclusion. The low levels of electrical activity are what helps them take risks and suppress their natural instincts.


Turning ideas into reality is defined as creativity. Creativity is the ability to see the world around you from different perspectives, the ability to connect thing which at first sight do not seem to be related at all. Finding hidden patterns, perceiving the world in different ways – that is creativity. Creativity differs from imagination. Creativity implies thinking of an idea, and then turning it into reality. Unlike creativity, imagination is just thinking.


Once we defined creativity and gambling we need to see whether there is a connection between the two.

Creativity means thinking of new ideas and producing them, and although gambling implies thinking of new ideas to win games, it is not necessarily linked to creativity. Gamblers can be creative, but it does not have to be so. And there is no direct link between the two.