How the Modern Workplace Dulls Creativity

Everybody knows that innovation is key in today’s world, but how do you become innovative and original if your workplace dulls your creativity? It is a problem we all face from time to time and we might not even be aware that our office is to blame for the issue. 

What is wrong with the modern workplace?

Creativity is not something you can have on command. Rather, it is something you cultivate and practice as much as possible to get the desired results. And the problem is not really in the boss, or the chief executives – they are probably not aware that the modern workplace is not optimal for creativity. These might seem as completely normal parts of everyday work life but you’d be surprised to know how much they are affecting you. 

No solitude

It is believed that our best ideas come to us when we are alone, or at least after we spend some time by ourselves. This is very difficult to do in an office where you probably share a desk with 10 more people and the only time you get to be alone is during your short bathroom breaks. If you are constantly distracted by other people, or if your thoughts are affected by other’s opinions, you’ll ever be able to come up with new ideas and original concepts. 


Teamwork is almost unavoidable if you work in an office, and sometimes it is the best thing for the company. However, if you constantly work as a part of a team, and especially if that team has a large number of people, you might start to be less and less creative. There are various reasons for this – for example, if you are working with the same people every time, you might find that there is always that one person who takes over so that there is no need for you to be creative. Because all of you share the responsibility, nobody feels the pressure to come up with an amazing idea. 

You are always busy

Similar to being distracted with your coworkers, if you are always busy, you won’t have time to let your brain get creative. If you are constantly running to meetings and working on projects you won’t give yourself the chance to think in different ways, try different things, and experiment in your work. After all, creativity also rises if you practice it more often. 

What can you do about it?

Some things are difficult to change as they are a part of a much larger issue, but there are some things you can do yourself to help your creativity. You could meditate at your desk for a couple of minutes every day. Just put your headphones in and close your eyes. This will mimic the feeling of being alone so that you get that dose of alone time that you need. If teamwork is your problem, try talking with your superior about working alone more if that is possible, or try working with different people. And finally, you can try to be more organized with your workload so that you always have time to relax.