How are Live Casinos Organized – The Casino Pyramid

As with any other business, especially one that is as large and deals with a lot of money as a casino does, organization is key. Whether it’s the best slots sites such as the ones you can find on, or those that take pride in their card games, online casinos are organized in pretty much the same way. The organization of casinos does not differ that much from other similar businesses yet it has its own specifics which are not found in other businesses.

Casinos organization has different structural entities and here they are from top to bottom:

The Owner and Board

While they do not directly influence or deal with day to day activities of the casino and its work, they do have a final say in whether the casino is going in a certain direction or not going at all. As owners of the said casino, they can make the most influential decisions such as hiring any and all staff or downright selling the place.

The President

Every casino has a president who is involved in all the strategic work for the casino, as well as anything related to finance. This person oversees all other employees and guides the casino throughout the day. They report directly to the owner and board. Most of the time, the president or rather, general manager as the position is also called, plans ahead for the casinos future.

The Vice President/s

Very rarely will you find one person doing this job as there are many areas of the casino to be covered. The areas are not physically covered but rather, categorically. One person usually oversees the finance, another security and two more for casino operations and human resources.

Each position has different responsibilities, for example, the head of security must oversee all the security details throughout the casino and make sure that everything is done according to the casino regulations as well as those of the country as well as communicate with the surveillance team. Other than their respective duties, they must also report to the president.

The Managers

There are many managers in a casino, from a floor manager to a pit manager to food and drink managers, table games, slot machines and a drop team manager. The drop team is very interesting as they count the money, usually the deposits and it’s the manager’s job to oversee them and make sure that everything is up to regulations, both casino and country regulations.

The Staff

From dealers, cashiers, servers and any sort of general workers the casino needs, they have the most diverse jobs and are the ones who interact with the customers the most. Their respective jobs have different duties but one among them is the same, making sure that the customers have a good time.

The Black Sheep – The Surveillance Team

These people have a different sort of job and besides the president are the only ones who report directly to the board and the owner. They oversee everything happening in the casino and any irregularities are reported directly to the casino owners, skipping the pyramid for the sake of honesty.

With the casino staff organized in this way, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you might not know about but now have some knowledge off. It is a well-oiled machine that keeps going for the sake of their customers and profit, of course.